OtherHome is the only “professional share house” group in Adelaide.
A student who has always thought about it, but no one has started, a share house dedicated to working holiday!
As an international student who knows the environment of the share house better than anyone else,
Not just a share house for living purposes, but full of comfort and warmth,
Furthermore, we will become an integrated accomodation platform that encompasses students’ academic styling and solutions.


1. April, 2019 OTHERHOME Pty.Ltd. establish

2. 17 share houses as of December 2020

OtherHome was established in 2019 to share warmth.
A variety of people who have left their homeland and lived in a remote place called Australia for various reasons,
It would be nice to think, ‘Oh, while I was in Australia, I was really warm at home!’
In order to realize these thoughts from dreams, we gradually increased them little by little, and as of July 2020, we have operated 13 share houses that smell like humans.

It’s not the best, but we want to provide the best environment, and we want to give you a comfortable and home-like experience at home.

Our Mission

Otherhome, we provide the warmth beyond the house


Year 2022
Completed solutions and systems that directly contract with Landlord through more than 30 share houses and real estate qualifications in Adelaide.
Year 2025
Started a share house total care service using the same corporate-owned building as other competitors (UniLodge, Urbanest).


1. Provides a warmth that no share house has.
Nice rooms and good furniture are good, but it provides a space where people from different cultures can gather together and share their culture and values ​​and communicate under one roof.

2. Each house provides a different living experience.
The 5th House of Arthur Home has a large beam projector and home theater facilities for those who love movies. The 7th House of Arthur Home offers fitness facilities such as cycling, barbells, and dumbbells for those who like exercise. Likewise, we will continue to provide more and more valuable time to residents with the same hobbies through a unique theme.

3. Hotel-class service enjoyed in a share house
Arthur Home provides basic maintenance (sink water replacement, showerhead replacement, doorknob replacement and paint, wire work, etc.) faster and faster than anyone else through professional personnel. In addition, we provide a refreshing bed through seasonal bedding replacement, and a specialized company cleans the common space every month to provide a service that satisfies both tenants and landlords.

4. Equipped with quarantine services and quarantine facilities for coronavirus
2020 started with the coronavirus, and even now, half a year later, we are experiencing a period of With COVID and a crisis. Our Arthur Home Share House overcomes the coronavirus through full quarantine every time a new resident moves in. In addition, separate isolation facilities are provided to maximize the convenience of tenants.


  • Otherhome Pty Ltd
  • CEO: Youngjin Lee
  • Address: 1/41 Osmond Tce, Norwood
  • Contact: 0410 266 848
  • e-mail: otherhome2019@gmail.com
  • otherhome.com.au

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